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  • avatar By vDanielle 18th December 12

    RRP vInspiredThe first Retail Ready People (RRP) pop-up shops were open for one month only. November is over, which can mean only two things: that Christmas is nearly here (yay!), and that Make Away and Cosy Cove have closed their doors for good (boo!). The Brighton and Enfield teams created two unique shops to entice customers through the doors. Here’s a little look back at what they did:

    The Brighton team created Make Away, where products were screen-printed right in front of you and sold in pizza boxes (get it?!). They used prints by local designers, and also sold artwork and jewellery made locally. Customers also had the option to print their own product.

    The Enfield volunteers chose to focus on keeping customers warm and ready for Christmas. They sold clothes, gifts and accessories made in Enfield, supporting local traders and designers. The volunteers brought fresh energy to Enfield, which was affected by the riots last summer. Cosy Cove is a great example of how young people can bring their communities together and tackle negative stereotypes through volunteering.

    Why Retail Ready?

    The Retail Ready People programme was created as a way to bridge the skills gap for young people hoping to progress in the retail sector. Our RRP volunteers gained experience in all aspects of retail – not just customer service, but buying, merchandising, recruitment, PR, marketing… If it happens in a shop, our volunteers probably experienced it! In doing so, they gained insight into the retail industry that would have otherwise been out of reach, or only available to those with connections or specific (sometimes expensive) qualifications.

    Many of the RRP volunteers hope to start their own businesses or gain access to higher level jobs in retail, such as buying. And if they don’t, they’ve gained the right experience to make this decision, and now have transferable skills that will help them, whatever career they choose.
    Applications for Round Two!

    If you missed out on the last round of pop-ups, all is not lost. We’re running the programme in 10 different locations across the UK over the next two years, so there’s plenty of time to get involved. We’re heading north for the second round. The next two shops will be in Leeds and Rochdale, Greater Manchester. If you’re interested, please visit the Retail Ready People recruitment page to apply, or go straight to our application form!

  • avatar By vInspired Neil 13th February 12

    Close your eyes, and imagine you are on the finest beach in the world, lying on a towel with a cold drink and a trashy book. As you wiggle your toes in the warm sand, the stress floats gradually from your knotted muscles.

    Your towel is supported by four million grains of sand, give or take. You wouldn’t miss any individual grain if it wasn’t there, yet those grains combine to turn your corner of paradise into something wonderful.

    The volunteering effort around the Olympics is a bit like that. OK, there’s a load of top quality international sport going on, but it wasn’t that which won London the bid. What is special about our Olympics is that up to 70,000 people will volunteer – each individually anonymous, but all part of a glorious event starting with the Opening Ceremony on 27 July and ending with the Paralympics closing ceremony on 9 September. I’m not a great sports fan, yet I felt a strong calling to be part of this magnificent adventure.

    In November, I was one of 14,000 people who embarked on the audition process to perform at one of the ceremonies: a hopelessly overambitious goal for a mildly overweight middle-aged accountant. Although I sing with Rock Choir and do some impro I was woefully unprepared for … a dance audition. I don’t do dance. Pretty much everyone there was younger than me, fitter than me, and better looking than me. After the four hour audition, I was expecting a polite “Thanks, but no thanks”. Yet somehow, I scraped through by the skin of my teeth to a second audition, where I was asked demonstrate my abilities at an entirely different new skill.

    And astonishingly, on 16 January, I received some extraordinary news: I will be performing at the 2012 Opening Ceremony. So if you scan your TV on that amazing night, for one nanosecond one of the pixels will be me.

    There will be thousands of opportunities to volunteer in programmes before, during and after the Olympics. So if you fancy being a grain of sand on the finest beach in the world, find a project that aligns with your passions and be part of something amazing this summer.

  • avatar By Jemima Jordan 5th October 10

    Make the Team advert


    Today might seem like any old rainy Tuesday, but let me tell you folks, it’s not! On this day only I’m back for one more little blog to mark the launch of our new campaign, Make the Team!

    Make the Team is a project encouraging you and everyone you know between the ages of 16-25 to volunteer in football-related projects. In addition, everyone who volunteers will be in with a chance to win tickets to see Premier League Clubs! We’ve got professionals aplenty on board, from David Seaman to Kieran Gibbs, who all want you to get involved in amazing football-related volunteering projects like these!

    The campaign launched on this very day and in order to make uber impact, we have some radio ads, featuring none other than the lovely gents who commentate on Sky Sports! Martin Tyler, Andy Gray and Chris Kamara, who you may know for hilarious moments such as this classic, spent a sunny and energy-filled morning in a London studio in Soho recording the radio ads that you will soon hear on Choice, Galaxy, Capital and XFM and I was lucky enough to be there to witness it!

    I can tell you now, they had a lot of banter in the studio and although much of the football chat went over my head (Sorry football fans, I am embarrassingly knowledge-less), they knew their stuff like you wouldn’t believe. They were also upliftingly enthusiastic about volunteering and Make the Team project, with Martin Tyler saying ‘volunteering can give you skills and experience which could help you secure your dream job’ and Chris Kamara saying that  ‘Make the Team is one of the best things I’ve heard about for a long time’.
    So if you fancy getting involved, in the words of Andy Gray:  ‘Sign up with v and be part of something big.  If you’re football mad like me there’s hundreds of ways you can get involved.’

    And if you want to see more from the gents, scroll down for photos and CLICK HERE for a video from Chris Kamara :)

    Chris Kamara in the studio

    Andy Gray

    Martin Tyler in the studio

    Chris Kamara and vJemima