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  • avatar By Jemima Jordan 19th August 10

    calm jemima temperingLast Thursday was no normal day for the team here at v, oh no! Instead of heading to sunny v HQ to sit at our desks and make waves on Outlook, we made our merry way to Camley Street Nature Park in King’s Cross wearing slacks and hiking boots to do a day of  volunteering! After a morning of mulching, weeding and tempering, we had a hearty lunch before painting some lovely quotes on boards to go up around the Community Garden! And just in case you don’t believe that we really did get down to the manual work, check out the pic of my tempering handywork on the right there >> ;)

    If all that wasn’t enough to make the day stand out, the party animals in the group changed into their Thursday night finest to join our lucky competition winners at the vinspired Lake of Stars Fundraiser gig, featuring Tinashe and the Noisettes.  Held in the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington, N. London, the gig was put on to raise money for the vinspired Lake of Stars music festival in Malawi, happening this October. Run completely by volunteers, the festival and the fundraiser gigs are an incredible showcase of exactly what volunteers can do when they put their minds to it! And I am absolutely sure anyone at this gnoisettes - phone photoig would agree that it was an incredible evening…

    New talent Tinashe blew the crowd away with a selection of smooth tracks from his new album ‘Saved’, before the Noisettes took the night to a whole new level with the sound of Shingai Shoniwa’s voice echoing through the eerie chapel setting. What made the night was not just the amazing raw talent, or the fact that we were all sitting in pews feeling a little overawed by the accoustics and our surroundings, but the fact that the whole night was run by volunteers to raise money for a festival that is making a huge difference in Malawi.

    To find out more or to get involved, click here now.

  • avatar By James v20 18th May 10

    James Procter It’s a testament to the giant influence and command the internet has on our lives that for the ‘Anatomy of Youth’ launch event seven young people have spent the afternoon locked in a basement frantically typing away. For those that haven’t been able to make it, we’re the ones in photographs looking pretty darn tired!

    We were all tasked with tackling different sections of the report, and it’s fallen to us to deal with the one that covers ‘Digital Identity’.  I guess we were drawn into doing it as we’re both slightly 1337. Ste Prescott, another v20 member will join me on this blog, and for future reference anything in bold can be traced back to his giant mind. Just for reference, here’s a photograph of Ste, in case you want to chase him down a street at some point.

    Ste - v20

    Ste - v20

    Let’s start with breaking down the title of this section. What is a digital identity? Having read the report, and from our own experiences in the internet world (Ste is a web designer and James is Social Media Consultant) a digital identity covers a whole heap of online information, but it can be broken down into two simple types:

    • Online profiles: the ‘Public Image’ we aim to project to the rest of the world
    • User generated content; blogs, comments, status updates, reviews

    I’m sure everyone that’s dipped their toe into the strange world of Facebook, or indeed adventured into the shameless self promotion of Twitter understands what a profile is. So for the sake of calling everyone who’s reading this a geek we’ll move on and address the concerns that come with ‘living online’ and having ‘digital identity’.

    In a passing note, Jon (another v20 member) expressed a very interesting opinion in his blog “Changing Communities – The Disconnect”, he mentioned the sadness he feels that people are more invested in online communities – with individuals the other side of the world – than they are with their own communities. In a strange show of individualism, I’m going to throw out a 45% view. It’s true that we are disconnected to our local communities, but I wouldn’t say that this is a direct result of the development of online societies.  Perhaps the breakdown of local communities is a result of the modern transience of families and the increased flexibility of employment. But let’s not get sidetracked!

    Ste has dragged out two factoids from the report and expressed his points about them:

    42% of 16-24 year olds claim to know someone who has been embarrassed about information that has been uploaded to the internet without their consent. This is pretty normal for most of us that are on Facebook, a lot of times when you sign in you’ll find yourself tagged in a bad photograph.. no one asked for your permission but it’s up there for the world to see.

    60% of 14-21 year olds have never considered any potential future effects of posting personal details about themselves online. This seems to draw on the fact that we as ‘youth’ are invested far too much in the here and now, and not the potential ramifications that having this information online could bring.

    The most pressing issue for us, is that young people – well in fact most people that are online – don’t realise how much information they’re giving away by being online. Facebook makes you agree to their terms and conditions when you sign up, but how many people actually read it?

    The internet is now no longer a purely personal realm. Companies are researching their potential employees before hiring to make sure they fit with their businesses ethos, and a lot of people are falling foul of the internet police. Comments made in jest can lead to the loss of a job, as many political candidates in the 2010 General & Local Elections will testify.

    A more worrying element is that our online profile is being monitored by a wide range of companies, some for marketing purposes others with potentially more sinister intentions. We’ll leave you with a worrying thought, the CIA now own part of Visible Technologies – one of the biggest social media monitoring companies in the world – through their investment arm In-Q-Tel…

    Beware what you put online… in case it comes back to bite you!

  • avatar By Jemima Jordan 17th February 10

    beesO my gosh, what a dreadful person I am! I somehow managed to not write a Valentine’s Day blog. I would say I was secretly boycotting it for all the singletons out there, but the real truth is that I have been busy as a bee touring the country. We are currently holding our bi-annual regional meetings, where we go across the country and talk to all 107 of the vinvolved teams about the year ahead! It is really interesting to find out all about what everyone is getting up to; there are some seriously great projects going on up and down the country from art competitions to football leagues! To find out more about what volunteering projects are being run in your local area, why not give your local vinvolved team a ring. Just search using your postcode on the homepage and your nearest team will come up with the search results.

    Anyway, Valentine’s day seems long gone now as I embark upon 40 days and 40 nights without my beloved chocolate! I am giving it up for lent and am not really sure how I will cope without my Twirl-a-day keeping the doctor away! So to distract myself from the fact I will have to do without, I have been looking for ways to help give food to people who don’t have enough: Check out this list of little things you can do from the comfort of your own home without even spending a penny:

    1)    Just click on the button on the top of this page and sponsors of the page will pay for one cup of food to go to those in need

    2)    Take part in this awesome geography quiz and for every answer you get right, 9 cups of water will go to those in need.

    3)     Click on this lovely big button and sponsors will donate money to Oxfam, who will in turn provide water and sanitation


    services to Haiti.

    4) Click here and watch this lovely clickometer go up as you help the relief effort in Haiti

    %) And if all of those weren’t enough, this Facebook app shows you a lovely long list of other sites you can go to to click for food and much more.

    See… Not only can you help wihtout spending cash you don’t have, but all of a sudden the prospect of a chocolate-free 40 days doesn’t seem so difficult!

  • avatar By Jemima Jordan 9th October 09

    vInv_vInvTeam_PurpLoz_logoHere at v, we have created England’s biggest ever national youth action programme, called ‘vinvolved.’

    vinvovled is our nationwide network of teams and projects, created to match volunteers to projects and to provide high quality access to innovative volunteering opportunities that are available on demand, across the country.

    We have 107 teams covering every local authority area in England.  They are supported by 107 Youth Action Teams whose role is to inspire their peers to volunteer.

    The vinvolved network also includes 155 vinvolved projects which are designed to provide young people with a high quality volunteering experience that is properly resourced, well managed and meaningfully involves them in the planning and running of the volunteering activities.