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  • avatar By vFay 5th January 12


    Volunteering: More than just ticking boxes

    A colleague recently brought to my attention a vinspired poll (of 1,500 young people, November 2011) issued by Research Bods in which young people were asked: ‘what are your New Year’s resolutions related to this year- education; health and fitness; social life; or supporting causes or issues you care about?

    As a charity with volunteering at the core of our ethos we’d hope others would be enthusiastic too – but disappointingly, supporting causes and issues you care about polled last.

    However, what I really hope can be learned from this poll is the fact that we don’t have to cordon off aspects of our lives into tiny boxes. It is this trait that I believe has left supporting causes behind.

    I would like to focus on is how the lines can be blurred. Volunteering is so much more than just giving back to others – it can have great outcomes for all involved.

    If your resolution is to find a new job why not take the first step to expanding your CV by volunteering? If you want to be healthier why not get involved with outdoor practical work as a conservation volunteer or gardener?

    Remove the vague label of volunteer and think about the true benefits of what you are doing both for yourself and others. When you begin to look at the endless possibilities, you realise that through the act of giving your time, you actually “tick off” all three of the above options in the process.

    If like me your resolution is to spend more time with friends and family then why not get them to volunteer with you? 2012 could be the year you give back to get back – what will your resolution be?