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    superhero [ˈsuːpəˌhɪərəʊ]
    n pl -roes
    Any of various comic-strip characters with superhuman abilities or magical powers, wearing a distinctive costume, and fighting against evil.
    Save a Life

    Save a life on our 12 Days of Christmas website


    The last thing I expected on my commute to work this morning was to save a life. Ok, ‘saving a life’ might be slightly over-stating the case – but you never know what could have happened if I hadn’t taken action.

    It all began with an  elderly man dragging an oversized suitcase onto the escalator at Walthamstow Central. I could see he was having some trouble and so kept an eye on him as we crossed paths (me going down, him going up). And then he fell…

    Acting on impulse, I jumped off my escalator, ran around and managed to catch the falling man before he hit his head (followed by his trailing feet  which caught me in the face for my troubles). I know in superhero movies there are more explosions, evil villains and lives at risk – but there it was, my “heroic” deed for the day!

    TFL reported 1,173 injures last year on London’s escalators and who knows, if I hadn’t been there this morning and decided to take action, that man may have been the latest addition to the statistics.

    What’s more, I was reading the newspaper five minutes earlier and spotted a story hailing Britain as the 5th most charitable country in the world, based on how likely people were to perform good deeds.

    Our 12 days of Christmas campaign is a great starting point in doing simple good deeds for others. You don’t have to have super-human abilities, magical powers or wear a spandex outfit to make a difference (well, the last one is optional at least!). Just visit the site, choose one of the 12 actions and make a positive difference over this festive period.

    What all of this hopefully brings home is that it’s the little things we do in everyday situations that can make a big impact on the wellbeing of others and those who need our help the most. If we all adopt this mentality then maybe if one day you find yourself needing to be saved, there will be someone just as willing to catch your fall.